How to install pvc wallboard

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As the wall decoration material commonly used in modern homes, pvc interior wall panels have the advantages of light weight, rich color pattern, heat preservation, heat insulation, moisture proof and convenient construction, so they are favored by consumers. Before using this kind of panel decoration, be sure to understand how to install pvc wall panels.

First, how to identify the quality of pvc wallboard

1. Identify the materials used

The quality of the product has a great relationship with the materials. The pvc wallboard produced by the new material has clear texture, good toughness and is not easy to age. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use reduced recycled materials. The products produced are somewhat tasteful, and the products and colors are not as good as those produced by new materials.

2, identify product density

The pvc wallboard produced by the new material has high density, good overall strength and is not easy to be deformed; and the pvc wallboard produced by the inferior material has low density, feel, strength and appearance without the production of new materials.

3. View the film used on the surface

Good film thickness is thicker, the bottom is realistic, there is a sense of three-dimensional and convex, and there is no smell; the opposite film, recycled with waste plastic, is relatively thin, has a taste.

Second, pvc wall board installation method

1. To maintain the level when the line is stretched, you can use the ruler vertical vector to the ceiling design elevation according to the level of the floor elevation, play the keel position line on the top plate, and bounce the horizontal level of the ceiling on the wall.

2. When installing the keel boom, the top level of the ceiling and the position line of the main keel should be played, and the elevation of the lower head of the boom should be determined. According to the position of the main keel and the spacing of the hanging, the bolt-free end of the boom is fixed under the floor with expansion bolts. .

3, install the main keel, you must match the boom nut, the main keel on the mark in advance, the assembled main keel of the hanging piece, according to the position of the line to make the hanging parts into the corresponding boom bolts, screw the snail.

4. When installing pvc wallboard, start from the top. When cutting the sheet, the material should be straight and burr-free. The higher the cutting speed, the less the burr. The size must be between 2mm, otherwise the seam will be extremely neat.

The above is the content of how to install pvc wallboard. In today's various types of decorative panels, pvc wallboards are favored by consumers, so they should be included in the selection range at the same time.