What is the pvc gusset? How to buy the pvc gusset?

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When installing the ceiling, the workers often use the pvc gusset. Compared with other materials, it has stronger decoration and stability. It has various patterns, good aging resistance and is not prone to fading. Loved by people. Many people still don't know much about pvc gussets. Then what is the pvc gusset, pvc gusset has any advantages, let us bring these questions, together to understand the relevant content of the pvc gusset!

What is pvc gusset

This is a material used for ceiling construction. Because of its high quality, moisture-proof insulation and easy installation, it is used more frequently in ceiling installations in kitchens and bathrooms. The pvc gusset plate is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as a base material, adding a certain amount of anti-aging agent, modifier and other additives, and is processed by calendering, mixing, vacuum absorbing and the like.

What are the advantages of pvc gussets?

Compared with other materials, it has many advantages, such as its rich pattern, strong stereoscopic effect and strong decorativeness; its fire retardant property is good, the product has passed the national fire test and passed the test; it has good environmental protection. The product meets the requirements of green environmental protection and is harmless to human health; it has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to fade; its heat insulation effect is good, it is easy to clean and install; its price is economical, so it is widely used. .

Pvc gusset purchase skills

1. When purchasing this product, we must first select the corresponding pattern according to the style of the space. Secondly, we should pay attention to whether its quality and environmental protection are qualified. You can ask the merchant to issue the corresponding quality inspection report and product inspection. certificate. Good quality pvc gusset, its surface should be flat lubrication, good gloss, no cracks, no scratches, and it will emit a loud sound when we tap.

2. When we are selecting, we can bend it by hand to check its patience. Generally speaking, good quality products, even if we force the plate stems, are still pinched. Or we can make it 180 degrees on the side of the board for more than 10 times. If its edge is not cracked, it shows that it has good rigidity, strong material and long service life. In addition, we can smell the plate. If it has a strong pungent odor, it means that the product is harmful to the body. It is not recommended for everyone to buy. We should choose the pvc gusset plate with no taste and safety.