Decoration strategy —— PVC Panel

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PVC panel, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a kind of plastic product, the price is relatively cheap, and the scope of use is relatively wide. According to the nature of PVC, there are soft PVC and hard PVC, among which soft PVC is used for the surface layer of floors or ceilings. Hard PVC is easy to form because of its good flexibility , but it is not easy to deform.

What are the advantages of PVC panel?

1. Made of PVC has a relatively high hardness, so if it is scratched on it, it is not easy to produce scratches or impact marks.

2. The anti-electric performance of this sheet is also very good, it also has certain corrosion resistance, the surface is relatively smooth and flat, and the decorative effect is also very good.

3. If it is a relatively pure PVC panel, its water absorption rate and air permeability will be relatively low.

4.The price of PVC ceiling is relatively affordable. Compared with other gypsum board ceilings or solid wood ceilings, the price is much lower, and it is a relatively solid decoration board.

5.The reason why this PVC panel is chosen is mainly because it is non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause any pollution to the environment. After direct contact with the human body, it will not have an irritating effect on our respiratory tract, so it can be used to decorate the kitchen or bedroom.

What fields can PVC panels be used in?

1、We can make PVC into a transparent board, and on this basis, we can develop many colors, such as white, royal blue and so on.

2、PVC can also be made into a soft board, and its color is also brighter. Because of its exquisiteness, it is mainly used for automobile decoration as an auxiliary material.

3、PVC panels can also be used in chemical or environmental protection facilities, and are often used in communications.

What is the difference between PVC panel and aluminum panel?

Aluminum panel and PVC panel are two materials suitable for ceiling decoration in kitchens and bathrooms, so many owners will struggle with these two materials when choosing materials. So what is the difference between aluminum panel and PVC panel?

1. Different materials:

(1) Aluminum panel: aluminum alloy plate, metal;

(2) PVC panel: PVC material (polyvinyl chloride), chemical synthetic material.

2. Different performance

(1) Aluminum panel:

The aluminum panel has excellent surface coating performance, its surface is resistant to acid, alkali and salt spray erosion, the service life is more than 20 years, and it is easy to maintain. After washing with water, it can be clean as new. And the aluminum panel has a strong temperature adaptability, and its excellent performance is not affected when used under large temperature changes.

(2) PVC panel

PVC panel is light in weight, easy to install, waterproof and moisture-proof, moth-proof, large change in surface color and pattern, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, and has a very good sound insulation and heat insulation effect. However, its aging speed is fast, it is easy to change color, and its service life is relatively short.

Which is better PVC gusset VS aluminum gusset?

1. Aluminum panel

Aluminum panel is a kind of aluminum panel based on aluminum alloy plate. After cutting, cutting angle and molding, the surface is processed with various coatings to obtain various aluminum gusset plate products.

The aluminum panel has quickly gained market recognition because of its superior board style, service life and board advantages. However, due to its unique panel surface and performance, it is more suitable for kitchen and bathroom ceilings.

2. PVC wall panel

PVC panel is a material made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the base material, adding a certain amount of anti-aging agent, modifier and other additives, through mixing, calendering, vacuum forming and other processes.

PVC panel are especially suitable for ceiling decoration in kitchens and bathrooms, with the advantages of light weight and moisture resistance.

Therefore, both aluminum panel and PVC wall panel are suitable for ceiling decoration in kitchens and bathrooms, but if it is considered from the perspective of environmental protection, the ceilings of aluminum gussets will be better. In terms of cost, PVC wall panel are cheaper.